This is my lab book. I work at Gonzalo García de Polavieja’ lab at Cajal Institute (Madrid). Our research interests are very wide, almost anything in biology that can be described quantitatively.

This lab book contains posts on different topics, but the most part is about the structure of deviations from optimality (category ‘Stochastic Optimization’). This was published in the paper A. Pérez-Escudero & G.G. de Polavieja (2007) Optimally wired subnetwork determines neuroanatomy of Caeorhabditis elegans; Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104(43):17180-5. There are other categories in the blog related to this paper (for example ‘FigurasPaperMolon’ refers to definitive figures for the paper, ‘Bayes’ refers to the Bayesian estimator presented in the paper, ‘C elegans’ is about the C. elegans part, ‘E coli’ about E. coli, etc.).


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