Study of phase transitions in elegans with simulated annealing

From Remotón.

I run 1000 parallel simulated annealings, temperature between 5 and 0.1, 200000 steps:

>> coste=simulaelegans_simulatedannealing_multiple_parallel(todas.A/29.3,todas.M/29.3+todas.S,todas.f,.5,.01,[.1 5],2*10^5,1000,’Prueba’);
>> [costemedio,varianza]=simulannealing2mediavarianza(‘Prueba’);
>> T=5:(.1-5)/(length(varianza)-1):.1;
>> plot(T,costemedio)

>> plot(T,varianza)

>> plot(T,varianza./T.^2)

Clearly, I need to go to lower temperatures. Maybe we also need to cool more slowly.


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