New Figure 2

>> fig_pap_elegans_15(1,zeros(100))

I have added the text “Simulation” and “Experiment” Do you like it?

I change it after Comment 1:

>> fig_pap_elegans_15(1,zeros(100))

I change it to remove “predicted”:


New Figure 3

>> fig_pap_bayes_09(1,zeros(100))

Only the axislabels of box A and the legend of box B have changed.

Any idea to improve the axislabels?

The reviewer asked to write “that $\alpha=\beta=1/29.3$ corresponds to the ideal wiring economy”. But I thought that ‘ideal wiring economy values’ was too long. Is it correct this way?

New Figure 4 after revision

>> fig_pap_coli_10(1,zeros(100))

Main questions:

– Are the labels OK? In particular, this style with the description, comma, the symbol. And the description of Delta.
– Are the words ATP, BIOMASS where they should be? In boxes A, B they might be inside the box.
– Colorbar: It is modified to show dark red in the top. Enough?