Model for reaction times with distractions

First, with all distractions having the same duration:

>> estimulo=generaestimulo(10000,[1 2]);
>> [t_reaccion,mom_despistes,t_reaccion_intrinseco]=estimulo2reaccion(estimulo,[.2 .03],[3 .2]);
>> hist(t_reaccion,30)

>> hist(1./t_reaccion,30)

>> t_reaccion2histog_carpenter(t_reaccion,20,’r.-‘);

The problem is that distractions produce a plateau which is not very natural. Let’s see a very clear case:

>> [t_reaccion,mom_despistes,t_reaccion_intrinseco]=estimulo2reaccion(estimulo,[.2 .03],[1 .2]);
>> hist(t_reaccion,30)

A more natural situation is that in which distractions have different durations:


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