Addition of GABA-ergic neurons to the C elegans data

I use the data given by Varshney et al. in

>> load(‘C:\Hipertec\ablationelegans\datos\Datos_VarshneyEtAl\ConnOrdered_040903(2).mat’)
for c=1:279
>> todas.GABA=logical(GABAergic(ind));
>> todas.nombres(todas.GABA)
ans =

I check in the original reference, McIntire SL, Jorgensen E, Kaplan J, Horvitz HR (1993) The GABAergic nervous system of Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature 364:337–341. doi:10.1038/364337a0, that these are indeed the 26 identified neurons that belong to the GABAergic system in C elegans.


>> save datos_celegans_paradinamica todas


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