First experiment with fixed time

Experiment design: The subject must press the button at a fixed time (indicated by the moment a bar reaches a mark). Some time before (uniformly random between 0.05 and 0.3 seconds), a circle appears either on the right or on the left. The subject must indicate the side at which the circle appeared, at the fixed time. If the subject fails to press some button at the right moment with an interval of (0,05 seconds), the measurement is rejected. Then, we count how many times the subject guessed correctly the position of the circle, as a function of the time between the aparison of the circle and the key pulsation.

First experiment, subject Alfonso:

>> load(‘c:\hipertec\decisionmaking\Resultados_tiempofijo\APE_01jun09_1243.mat’)
>> cd ..
>> [atiempo,todos]=salida_tiempofijo2procesados(salida);
>> [prob,bins]=atiempo2probcorrecto(atiempo,10,1);


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