Carpenter plots of Subject 1, raw

>> load S1_bruto
>> cd ..
>> [corr_S1(1),proc_S1(1)]=salida2procesados(S1_f50);
>> [corr_S1(2),proc_S1(2)]=salida2procesados(S1_f80);
>> corr_S1=correctos2correctos_filtrado(corr_S1,[1 1.5]);
>> t_reaccion2histog_carpenter(corr_S1(1).t_reaccion(:,1),20)
>> hold on
>> t_reaccion2histog_carpenter(corr_S1(2).t_reaccion(corr_S1(2).dcha,1),20,’r.-‘)
>> t_reaccion2histog_carpenter(corr_S1(2).t_reaccion(~corr_S1(2).dcha,1),20,’k.-‘)


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