Finding the optimal code most similar to the real one. Optimal code of One In A Million

>> codigo_oneinamillion=PideCodigo(codigo)
>> muestracodigo_fig(codigo_oneinamillion)

>> codigo_oneinamillion=rmfield(codigo_oneinamillion,’aa2codon’)
>> save codigo_oneinamillion codigo_oneinamillion

Now, look for the nearest ‘optimal’ code:

>> [codigo_final,errormin,errormedio]=acercacodigos(codigo,codigo_oneinamillion);
>> errormin
errormin =
>> errormin*64
ans =

A bit nearer than yesterday.

>> sum(errormedio(:)==min(errormedio(:)))
ans =

And there are 4 permutations that match equally well (this also happened yesterday).

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