Supplementary Figure about Bayes

fig_pap_bayes_suppl_01(2,[0 0])

>> fig_pap_bayes_suppl_01(2,[0 0])

Corrections in the labels of box c:

>> fig_pap_bayes_suppl_01(2,[0 0])


4 Responses to “Supplementary Figure about Bayes”

  1. gonzalopolavieja Says:

    Maybe in c)we can cut the y-axis at value 3 so the interesting bit of the graph is more clear.

  2. alperezescudero Says:

    Cierto, lo cambio.

  3. gonzalopolavieja Says:

    Just 2 minor things:

    1. Write ‘Cost exponent (xi)’ in (c)
    2. Also in c), write alfa and beta in symbol font.

  4. alperezescudero Says:

    Tiés tó la razón, se me había pasado. Lo cambio, y cuelgo la nueva.

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